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Promoting a special event or special service is very important if you want your audience to know what’s coming up in the near future, who is going to be there, and when and where the event will be held. Using video to promote or advertise your event can be used basically anywhere. You can use it on the internet including your website, social media, and other areas online. And it can be shown at your church during your service’s announcement time.

Let your audience know the coming series you will be teaching on either weekly or monthly. This is a great way to get your audience excited about the coming messages you will be teaching and preaching about. A lot of times they will invite friends or family to hear what you will be teaching about because they may know or feel like those persons may want or need to hear it. So this is a great way to keep your audience connected.

Staff members and volunteers of your organization love what they do, but sometimes can feel like they aren’t appreciated which can cause them to not work as hard or make them fall out of loving what they do. Doing a short video, describing how thankful you are for them and how proud of the work they do and accomplish, can show them all the thanks and love they deserve. It can motivate them to work harder and better than before. So tell your staff and volunteers how thankful you are for them with video today.